Category: Cottage Daze

A Winter’s Journey

It is the perfect place to isolate - at our island cottage on an ice-bound lake. It is a journey I have made before, a long time ago. This winter seemed the ideal time to repeat that winter's journe... read more

Hello World!

This was my dad and I read this story at his memorial service. He was such a big part of our cottage lore. He passed away on May 1, 2019 - and now I have taken up his familiar cottage greeting, shoute... read more

Move Over Dear Abby – Cottage Daze has Some Cottage Advice!

Move over Dear Abby, I decide to give some practical cottage advice. With apologies to the late John Prine (folk singer) and the late Dear Abby (advice columnist). “Dear Cottage Daze, Dear Cottage ... read more

Boats and the Cottage

Boats are a big part of cottage life, for the experiences they allow and the memories they create. Our arrival at the lake follows a long-practiced routine. I jump out at the resort where our eighty ... read more

An Evening Cruise

An evening cruise up the lake with the whole family has become a cottage tradition. Often after dinner, on a pleasant summer’s night, we like to jump onto the pontoon boat and head out for an eveni... read more

The Reading

I list the good, the bad and the ugly of doing a book reading at a busy downtown restaurant ... with a little help from Billy Joel's "The Piano Man." It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday... It’s two o’cl... read more

My Friend Danny

I wrote about my friend Danny Limburn, a Falkland Islander who visited my family often. This story was read at his funeral in 2018. Seems to me many of my stories are made into eulogies! We were neve... read more

Cottage Dreaming at the Cottage Life Show

I visit the Cottage Life Show in Toronto to get myself ready for the upcoming cottage season. Problem is, I have to hang around with my wife when I want to hang with the kids! Men never grow up. They... read more

Cottage Prepping

Things get out-of-hand at a simple wine tasting festival. No fault of my own, of course, I blame it on the wine! It always seems in early Spring that my wife and I get restless. It is the drawback of... read more

Remember When

Sitting around reminiscing about the fun family times we have had. Raising kids can be a whirlwind, that goes by far too quickly. “Remember when the sound of little feet, was the music we danced to... read more