James’ Journal

Welcome to my blog.
This is where I write about the cottage, and write about my travels. I just write, because that is what I do.

Hello World!

My dad would wander out on the front porch of the cottage and shout out “Hello World!” at the top of his lungs. The bellow would break the silence of a summer’s evening, and echo across the stil... Read More

Move Over Dear Abby – Cottage Daze has Some Cottage Advice!

“Dear Cottage Daze, Dear Cottage Daze, I can’t believe summer is done - No more swims in the lake, no more time in the sun. Can you not give us cottage days that always will last, instead of a se... Read More

Boats and the Cottage

Our arrival at the lake follows a long-practiced routine. I jump out at the resort where our eighty horse runabout is stored in a sheltered berth. My wife jumps into the driver’s seat of the truck... Read More